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Northern Muriqui (Woolly Spider Monkey) (Brachyteles hypoxanthus)

Posted on Jun 30, 2007 by in Primates | 1 comment

Brachyteles hypoxanthus
Number 0028

Ted requested a spider monkey, and then we had to narrow it down because there are several species. The muriquis used to be called woolly spider monkeys, but that name is out of favor now, and muriqui, the monkey’s Indian name, is in. Muriquis live only in Brazil. The northern species has a mottled pink-and-black face (as well as mottled pink-and-black genitals!), while the southern muriqui has a plain black face (and, yes, plain black genitals). Go here to listen to muriquis in the wild. Sometimes they sound like horses.

1 Comment

  1. i was amazed to find out today that muriquis apparently have hundreds of vocalizations and are, according to some, the monkey that talks most like us (human monkeys!) they are also very endangered. :(

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