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Me with bluebonnets

My name is JR Kinyak, and I live in Bernalillo, New Mexico, with my husband, Ted; our daughter, Coco; our three dogs, Marty, Minnie, and Bodoni; and our two rats, Earl Grey and Doctor Who. I design museum exhibits for a living, which I love, and I also like reading, crocheting, listening to music, playing board games, watching movies, and hanging out with my six-year-old niece, Rae.

The Daily Mammal website is the record of a giant project: I’m trying to draw every single one of the more than 5,000 mammal species on earth. If I drew one a day, it would take me 14 years or so. At the rate I’m actually going, it’ll take 60. Here on the site, you can meet the mammals, cheer me on…and hope this all goes well.