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Yak (Bos grunniens)

Posted on Jun 4, 2010 by in Ungulates | 2 comments

Bos grunniens

Number 0299

In honor of our adoption finalization and name change to Kinyak, Theo and I drew yaks! The powerful, shaggy animals are native to Tibet and produce delicious butter, which Tibetans use in their tea.

Yak by Theo, age 13


  1. Great yaks, both of you! One of my fave animals–I “bought” yaks in honor of my late mo-in-law (d. age 98 yrs 5 mos) on the Yak Board in the Tibetan center on Canyon Rd in Sta Fe–

    –and “Theo” I love your colors and the ‘rising sun’ motif–dawn of a new day…

  2. Thank you, Kate! I don’t know about the Yak Board. I will have to look into that!

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