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World Cup: The Mammalian Tournament Bracket

Posted on Jul 11, 2010 by in Theme Weeks | 2 comments

Mammalian World Cup bracket

Today is the final match in the real World Cup, between Spain and the Netherlands. Both of those countries are still in the mammalian World Cup,too. Let’s see how they fare! I’ve made a bracket of the tournament, with results and commentary for all but the final match. Who do you think would win that one? Check out the tournament bracket and share your thoughts.


  1. Wow. Nice work bracketing (is that a word?) the whole World Cup of Mammals, Jennifer!

    That final would be tough — elephant against whale! Wow! I really don’t know who would win out on that. It’s hard to imagine them in some neutral setting, halfway between water and land, where each of them is at his best. But if such an environment could be created, I think the elephant has a slight advantage, just because he’s so big, and those tusks can reach the whale before the whale’s teeth could get him. But it would probably go into overtime.

    Of course, if it went to penalty kicks the elephant is a shoe-in, so to speak, since the whale doesn’t have a foot.

  2. I have very much enjoyed all your World Cup mammals. Thanks for all the great drawings and information! As far as the elephant and whale, I think I will say elephant. I guess I couldn’t vote for a tie?

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