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Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Posted on Jun 26, 2007 by in Carnivores | 8 comments

Panthera tigris

Number 0023

My mom asked me to draw a white tiger. White tigers are not a separate species or even subspecies of tiger: they’re exactly the same as the more common orange tigers, but with a gene mutation that makes their fur white. They also have light eyes, usually blue like this guy’s.


  1. These drawings are great! The tiger is my favorite animal. My blog is
    You will like it if you are a christian, but even if you aren’t a christian and want to become one you can read my “Welcome!” article.

  2. Your drawings are soo cool! I wish I was as good as a drawer as you. Challenge= try drawing a giraffe

    • Well, thank you, Jessica! It really mostly takes a lot of practice. Do you like this giraffe, which I drew in February 2009?

  3. Ilove your work and i wish that i could some day be as good as you are. can you try to draw a monkey for me.

    • @GabriellaAddison Thank you, Gabriella. I appreciate the heads-up. I’m contacting the site now.

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