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What I’ve Been Doing

Posted on Oct 27, 2011 by in Carnivores, Operations | 4 comments


I’ve been wanting to write a post about the animals killed near Zanesville, Ohio, last week, but I’m not sure how to say everything I want to say. I did have the idea, though, to draw a tribute to the 49 unfortunate mammals who died, and I’ve been working on it the past several days, which is one reason why there hasn’t been a Daily Mammal for a while.

Drawing of tigers on roll of tracing paper

So far, I’ve drawn 14 of the 18 Bengal tigers, though I have yet to color them. I’m not going to color them as elaborately as I do the Daily Mammals, and you can see that I was a lot more general with my line work, too. After the tigers, I’ll draw the 17 lions. Lions are sexually dimorphic and eight of them were lionesses, so they won’t be as monotonous as the tigers. But drawing the tigers has become a bit of a sacred act, in a way, an act of witness and regret.


  1. Memaw and I really like these. Love you J-girl

  2. That was such a troubling incident, and there’s something about the act of creating art that gives one a chance to think and feel an idea through. You end up with a monument of emotion and thought as well as an image.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures as the work progresses. It looks really beautiful so far.

  3. They’re gREAT!!!!
    I like to see my mom have something that she really love doing,
    And it take so much time to do!
    Good work my mom!!!

  4. Thanks, everyone. I’m looking at these comments a year and a half late, but I appreciate them nevertheless. Alexandra, I love the idea of a monument of emotion and thought.

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