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Posted on Dec 23, 2007 by in Mammalthons, Operations | 4 comments

Lyrics Born by Allison Nesis, licensed through Creative Commons

Lyrics Born by Allison Nesis, licensed through Creative Commons

Wow! Twenty-four mammals in…twenty-six hours! We actually did it!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a donation, requested a mammal, or posted a comment. Your support got me through this mammalian marathon, and I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement. I’m so happy that people cared and took an interest and wanted to help Defenders of Wildlife! So THANK YOU.

I’ll be back…maybe not today…to draw the remaining 11 mammals from the 24-hour jubilee and to get the Daily Mammal back on its usual track! See you soon!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What an accomplishment!

  2. Thanks, Mom!

  3. HOORAY! How fantastic! That is so cool, and, of course, I love the art! P.S.- I would have requested the Flying Fox, too…there’s one at Talking Talons next to Molly’s old house…just a beautiful creature…!

  4. Well, thanks, Rory! How nice! I’m glad to know there’s a flying fox nearby—I might have to go have a look at that. I can’t imagine how cool they must be in person.

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