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Teledu (Indonesian Stink Badger) (Mydaus javanensis)

Posted on Jan 20, 2008 by in Carnivores | 15 comments

Mydaus javanensis
Number 0108

This teledu is for Chris and for Croydon. Teledus are related to badgers and to skunks. This one lives in Sumatra and Java. Among other things, it eats earthworms. Its generic name means wet, damp, and moldy substance, which brings me to the most special thing about the stink badger: it shoots a green liquid from its anal glands. It smells so bad it can asphyxiate other animals (and cause blindness if it hits ’em in the eyes). According to Mammalian Species, this secretion is used in perfumes in Java!

Mydaus javanensis species account from Mammalian Species (PDF)


  1. ur site is great – i love it!

    stinky liquid from anus as perfume??

  2. Seriously, I hope you are able to do it. What a cool idea.

  3. Fascinating info

  4. It’s just like the stuff that comes out of my anal glands!



  5. great blog, looks like i’ll be coming here more often!

  6. great blog! so creative.

  7. Thanks, everybody! Except YUCK, kevdog!

  8. Fantastic concept. Wonderful drawings. Good luck in this several-years adventure.

    If you REALLY get hooked you can always go back and time and conquer extinct species next!

  9. Thank you so very much.


  10. Wow! He looks splendid!

  11. As someone who was once part of Croydon fandom, I say thank you for the mammal :-)

  12. Cool one, I love it!

  13. wow that animals comes from my place :D, i live in java island but i rare see it,cuz all people in here sell that animal in black market

  14. Good luck with your goal, never heard of an Indonesian Stick Badger but love the picture you’ve done of this one.

  15. Hi Jennifer,
    I just come across your very interesting blog today when I search for Mydaus. It’s an animal that I’m quite familiar with and one which is quite common here in Sabah (North Borneo) where I live, but alas most of the time I saw one it had already become a roadkill, (I took a photo of one killed on the road today). I had been and still am trying to photograph a live one but so far the very few that I saw had been very shy and wouldn’t let me take their portrait! I’ll soon be posting about my encounter with one of these animals in my blog . Hope you will visit and find it interesting.

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