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Primorye Week: Long-tailed Goral (Naemorhedus caudatus)

Posted on Oct 1, 2011 by in Theme Weeks, Ungulates | 5 comments

Naemorhedus caudatus

Long-tailed goral by Coco, age 12


Number 0393

Here is a long-tailed goral, another mammal of Primorye, the region in the far east of Russia that we’re visiting this week. If you’d like a brief introduction to the place and why we’re there, check out Monday’s musk deer. The long-tailed goral is a goat that lives in China, Russia, and north and south Korea. It’s rare for a goat to have a long tail, so this goral has something to boast about. There are about 1,300 long-tailed gorals in all the world. Isn’t that remarkable? There are 6 billion of us—just the one species, Homo sapiens—and only 1,300 of this other species. They’re currently classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and they are a natural monument in South Korea.

According to Animal Diversity Web, long-tailed gorals (which are also called Chinese gorals) “communicate with one another in times of emergency with wheezing alarm sounds…During mating season, males attract females with a “zer… zer” or “ze-ze-ze” call. When females approach and are ready to encourage a male, they make a whistling noise.” That is also what I do when I’m ready to encourage a male, coincidentally.


  1. Don’t give away all your encouraging-male secrets!

    Awesome drawings, you too! I’m very proud!

  2. Is that like your taxi-encouragement whistle?

  3. TMI!!

  4. Coco’s drawing is awesome. (Yours is pretty great too, heh).

    • Thank you, Julia! And on behalf of Coco, too. She’s so good, isn’t she? I want so badly to see an animated cartoon featuring her animals.

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