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My pets (Marty)

Posted on Mar 28, 2012 by in Carnivores, Uncategorized | 1 comment


By Coco

Hello everybody!!! For a few days I’m going to be drawing and writing about my pets. Here is the first one. His name is Marty!

Marty is a very good boy… That is if he likes you.:D ¬†When I first met him he barked and growled at me and he just thought I was his enemy!! And he made me think that he didn’t like me! Which he didn’t at first.

But after a few days he thought, oh, there’s no reason to bark at her she’s not hurting me! Or, she’s still here I guess I’m going to have to live with her. So he started opening up to me. But he still wasn’t to sure about me. So he didn’t play fetch with me, he didn’t like eating while I was behind him, he didn’t like for me to pet him or even sit by him sometimes!!

But after about 4 weeks or so he started sitting by me on the couch and he realized, hmm.. I don’t think she’s as bad as I thought!!

After about another year and a half he started playing fetch with me and oh I was so proud and happy!! After all the only people he liked before he started liking me was his grandma, mom, and dad! So of course I was really happy!! And now he some times sleeps with me! And when I say good boy to him it seems that my voice makes him  really happy and he starts to whine! He is a real sweet heart!! It might take time to really get to know a person but once you know them you are the happiest person in the world!!





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  1. That is sure a sweet story. Marty loves you very much.

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