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Mammalthon 2: White-Winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi)

Posted on May 3, 2008 by in Bats, Mammalthons | 8 comments

Diaemus youngi
Number 0149

Good thing I drew this so early, while it’s still light out, or we’d all be too scared to continue! It looks like this guy is in Joe’s bedroom, getting ready to bite while Joe sleeps peacefully. Luckily for Joe, however, white-winged vampire bats get the blood they drink mostly from birds. When the white-winged vampire bat spots a likely target—perhaps an oblivious guinea hen resting on a branch—the bat slowly, carefully creeps along the branch until it can reach the bird’s foot. It starts by licking the foot a few times, then makes an incision with its teeth. It then licks some more to get the blood. If the bird notices this and starts, the bat hides under the branch until the bird calms down and then continues feeding! This all lasts about 15 minutes, at which point the vampire bat flies away.

Check out New Mexico’s own Rancho Transylvania, dedicated to a colony of white-winged vampire bats (they don’t, however, live in New Mexico ordinarily, but rather in tropical South America). You will especially want to look at the photo gallery of baby white-winged vampire bats, which are extremely adorable, it turns out.

Now I must go have my own lunch. I think I hear a bird on the tree outside…

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  1. Hi Jenniferetta!!! Happy Mammalthon! And happy (almost) birthday! I will be admiring your mammals from the law school library as I study for my next final exam. :)

    – Claire

  2. Hi Claireen! Thank you! And I’m glad to provide a procrastination tool! (Having tools for procrastination makes it seem more like work—both less lazy and less fun.) What exam are you studying for?

  3. Property. Did you know there is a principle in property law called ratione soli which says it is okay to hunt wild animals unless posted otherwise? This is due to the law of capture and based on pre-conservation notions that animals are resources to be used most efficiently. You are drawing a large number of ferae naturae (wild animals).

    – C

  4. No, I did not know that. That’s so weird. What about hunting seasons and whatnot, I assume those still apply? So does that mean that if a rabbit is on my front yard, someone could shoot it? Maybe I’ll post a sign. I wonder if you’ll end up speaking only Latin by the time you get done with this.

  5. Hi Wenni!! Happy MAMMALTHON II! You’re doing great work! I love the White-Winged Vampire Bat. V. scary indeed. What did you have for lunch? I ate a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with dill mustard and arugula.

    I’ll be thinking of you all day as you keep Mammal-ing away!

  6. Yay Sarah-Bee! Well, I’m still waiting for my lunch. I’m expecting SOMEONE to bring me Sonic: large tater tots, grilled cheese, and a Route 44 vanilla Dr Pepper! Your lunch sounds more elegant. I’m glad you’re here! Did you see your mom’s sea lion?

  7. kick-butt illustration, Jennifer. Lots of us seem to be working during mammalathon (I’m finishing my freakin’ thesis, yikes). GOOOO JENNN!

  8. Hi Joe! Glad you like it! Are you going to be a PhD this year?

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