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  1. This is a beautiful drawing, very serene, and contains a lot of one of my favorite colors!!

  2. two seals? yay! and it isn’t even my birthday.

    (happy birthday, by the way!)

  3. Thank you both! And of course, Heather, two seals for you! I really appreciate that you stopped by during the ‘thon, too.

  4. Oh! These are so gorgeous! I love these guys.

  5. Came across this looking for great pics of Harbor Seals.
    I love the eyes in that painting!
    Here’s an inspirational Buddah seal from work.

    Looking forward to more mammals :)

  6. Thank you, Claire and Jives! Jives, I love the picture of Lana the seal. Heather, if you see this, check out the pinnipeds Jives linked to!

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