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Mammalthon 2: Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)

Posted on May 12, 2008 by in Mammalthons, Rodents | 2 comments

Sciurus niger
Number 0165

Mammals, there are only two more drawings after this one and then the “24-hour” mammalthon comes to a close! Ted requested a fox squirrel. (He actually requested a gray squirrel, but since I’d already drawn one, he let me draw a fox squirrel instead.) When Ted and his brother and sister were kids, they had either gray squirrels or fox squirrels in their backyard. They’d feed them and let the squirrels run up and down their arms and onto their heads.

Consecutive days of mammals: 10
Previous record: 11


  1. I love the “up close and personal” viewpoint in this drawing. He reminds me of the highly inquisitive squirrels in my yard–including the one that climbs the screen of my patio door.

  2. Thanks, RD! We don’t have many tree squirrels here in Albuquerque. Lots of ground squirrels, though. I’m always intrigued by those squirrel-proof bird feeders you can buy.

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