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Mammalthon 2 A Success!

Posted on May 4, 2008 by in Mammalthons, Operations | 13 comments

Catnap Uninterrupted by Claudia Daggett, licensed through Creative Commons

Catnap Uninterrupted by Claudia Daggett, licensed through Creative Commons

This is Ted, guest-blogging for Jennifer.

At 6:20 this morning, Jennifer had to lie down for a little while, and asked me to wake her at 7:00. I did, but she quickly fell back asleep again. I’ve decided to let her sleep.

Last time she did the Mammalthon, you may recall I wrote how she made it look easy, staying up all night and drawing without a break. This time, it didn’t look easy.

Jennifer got back from a busy business conference on Thursday, and never really rested up from that before undertaking the Mammalthon. She worked her heart out, and repeatedly said she didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Jennifer managed to raise over $1000 for The Wildlife Center, more money than she’d raised in the first Mammalthon for Defenders of Wildlife. She took on a very difficult challenge in order to raise that money, to entertain and to create some wonderful drawings for all of us to enjoy. And she managed to draw 15 of those drawings in 18 hours. Not bad, huh? Anyone out there feel disappointed?

Jennifer didn’t want to let down anyone who made a donation for a drawing that she may not be able to draw today. If any of you do feel cheated, we’ll be happy to refund your donation. But I don’t expect anyone will. Jennifer will get to all of your drawings as soon as she can, and we’ll get out the ones she did complete in the next week.

The task may have been to draw 24 mammals in 24 hours, but that wasn’t the point of the project. The point was to have fun, bring a little drama and excitement to your weekend, raise money for a worthy cause and celebrate our love for animals.

I hope you’ll join with me in telling Jennifer how proud we are of her work, of her spirit and of her heart. She brings a little beauty into our lives with every drawing, just for the love of doing it. I’m very proud of her.

And I’m happy to declare Mammalthon 2 a big success!


  1. I am very proud of Jennifer, too. She has a generous and caring spirit and I love her very much.

  2. way to go, jennifer! you did an excellent job, even if all the mammals didn’t get drawn this time – after some sleep, you’ll be better than ever! (plus, everyone should be awake to celebrate their own birthday.)

  3. Well done!!
    I really enjoyed the mammalthon, soem of the drawings were just too awesome :)

    She deserve a good rest now.

  4. I think she did an amazing job, and absolutely deserves to relax on her birthday. I am very proud of her.

  5. Happy happy happy happy happy birthday Jennie Rae!

  6. Oh my gosh! Thank you all so much. You are very, very sweet. I still feel like a disappointment and a failure, though…But anyway, thank you so much, Ted, for taking care of this while I was asleep. People, Ted is still up, and I think he’s now going to go lie down, but he is a wonderful Assistant Mammal (his official title). Thanks, Ted!

  7. I enjoyed the mammalthon very much… all of those lovely pictures. Thank you, Jennifer! =D

  8. There’s no excuse for feeling like a failure; you’re exactly the opposite. So, stop it! ::)

    Gorgeous mammals, all around.

  9. Wenni, you did a wonderful job! I would never, ever, ever think of you as a failure or a disappointment. Those words just don’t make sense when I think of Wennifer Rae Atkins-Slampyak III. You are a wonderful person, artist, and friend. You’re one of the best mammals we’ve got. (And so is Ted.) Know that we all love you and we’re so proud of you. Happy belated birthday, hermosa!

    Sarah BEE

  10. Congrats, Jennifer!

    I had a friend who was a mammalogist, but who died in 1988 at about 88-89 years of age, Dr. Robert K. Enders. I am so sorry that he didn’t live to see your mammals! He would have loved them! I would have bought him a Howler Monkey. I have sent your blog to his daughter.

  11. Thank you, Julia, Joe, Sarah, and Kate. You are very sweet. I wasn’t fishing for compliments! I guess it’s just ’cause I set a goal that I didn’t meet. But now that I’m in my 30s, as opposed to just being 30, I can’t stay up all night!

    Kate, that’s really lovely about your friend. I hope his daughter will like the site.

  12. Happy birthday! And, many congratulations on your project. Lovely drawings, I am learning a lot. :)

  13. Thank you, Jo! I’m glad you like the site!

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