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Mammals of Iraq: Egyptian Fruit Bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus)

Posted on Aug 3, 2008 by in Bats, Theme Weeks | 0 comments

Rousettus aegyptiacus
Number 0192

The Egyptian fruit bat (also called the Egyptian rousette) lives in the Middle East, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, and India, and throughout Africa. It dines on fruits and nectars and helps to pollinate trees. Unfortunately, scientists confirmed last year that Egyptian fruit bats can carry the Ebola-like Marburg virus. Until then, the virus had never been found in animals other than primates, and the finding supports the theory that bats had infected two people in Uganda. Between 25 and 80 percent of people infected with Marburg virus die, it’s contagious, and there is no treatment.

Read about Marburg hemorrhagic fever on the World Health Organization website.

Consecutive days of mammals: 2
Record: 16

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