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Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus)

Posted on Dec 9, 2007 by in Ungulates | 0 comments

Tapirus indicus

Number 0066

My cousin Hilary asked me to draw a tapir, and as there are a few different species, I chose this one, the only tapir native to Asia (the others live in South America). This one here is a baby; when they grow up, they lose the stripes and spots and just get one wide white band across their middle and back end. (You can see a picture here, at ARKive.) Much like me, tapirs are retiring, solitary, primarily nocturnal, and vegetarian. Not so much like me, the Malayan tapir is a strong swimmer, communicates with a variety of whistles, and grows to about 8 feet long and 500 pounds. Its only enemy (other than habitat destruction) is the tiger.

Make your own paper tapir, courtesy of Yamaha.

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