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Lion (Panthera leo)

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 by in Carnivores | 9 comments

Panthera leoBy Coco

Hello everybody! Today I drew a male lion! Here are some interesting facts about them!

-Male lions weigh 350-400 pounds!!

-They are 3 ft tall from the shoulders down and they are 9 ft long including the tail.

-In the wild they live for 10- 14 years but they could live for about 20 years!

-They are capable of running 30 mph!

-They can jump up to 12 feet long!

-Their body Temperature is 101 deg. F.

-Males dont fight for the food they just wait for the females to come back with the food they fought for. The females feed the males first even before their cubs!

-Lions eat about 40 pounds in one meal. Then they snooze for 24 hours!

-Lions can’t roar until they are 2 years old. But when they get that roar it’s hard to ignore! The roar is used to scare off predators and it has enough force to raise a cloud of dust!! It can also be heard from 5 miles away!They really got a voice! They should sign up for singing lessons!!:D

-The lions worst enemy is very surprising! It is the size of a small dog. Can anyone guess what it is? As surprising as it is it makes a lot of sense! It’s a porcupine! If a lion comes across a porcupine and gets tricked into eating it it gets sharp quills in its jaw for life!

-How do you think male and female lions greet each other?We greet each other with a hug or a hand shake but lions have their own thing! They rub against each other. The reason they do this is because they have a bond and they want to put their scent on each other! Like cats rub against their owners to show ownership.



  1. Really good writing, Coco! You have a great way with words, kiddo!

    Your lion drawing is terrific, too. He’s a sweetie, but you can tell he means business!

    Male lions sound pretty lazy, huh? They just sit around waiting for the females to bring them food? WOW!

  2. another wonderful drawing, coco dear! and what a great, descriptive write up! roar!

  3. What a beautiful picture of a lion and the writing is also outstanding! Here I learned things I did not know about lions. Keep both the art and the writing

    Coco! You are very good!

  4. Great writing and drawing, Coco. Sounds like male lions need some better training by the females!

  5. Coco! What an awesome drawing! Keep up the fantastic work. Also: I wish I could eat 40 pounds and then snooze for 24 hours.

  6. What a handsome fellow.

  7. Sarah, I’m trying really hard to imagine you tearing into a zebra carcass, and later passing out at the table for a whole day, your face all stained with raw meat. The image is keeping me giggling! Thanks!

  8. very nice Coco! All your drawing are great and your write-ups are informative and humorous. Your lion has a gentle but quizzical expression.

  9. Thank you everybody!
    And Sarah I can’t imagine you doing that either it’s a really funny thought! I wish I could snooze like that and get other people to fight and bring me my food that would be such an easy life right!!

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