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Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus)

Posted on Mar 7, 2012 by in Rodents | 7 comments

Micromys minutus

By Coco

Here are some facts about the Harvest mouse.

-Harvest mice live in tall grasses.

-They make there nest out of the tall grasses around them.

-There nests are about 4 inches in diameter.

-An adult Harvest mouse weighs about 5-11 g.

-They are about 1-3 inches tall, there tail is also 1-3 inches long.

-They can live at the most 7 years but in the wild they live for 6-18 months!:( They have a lot of predators!

-What do they eat?

*They eat mainly seeds and insect ; also fruit and nectar.

-They are very active night and day.

-While they are climbing they wrap their tail around the grass to have a better grip.

-When the Harvest mice are first born the look like pink little raisins!:D

-They are the smallest Rodent in Great Britain.

-They leave home when they are 17-19 days old! Imagine leaving home that early no wonder they die so fast!:)

I have a rat named Whoie and they really remind me of him except for the activeness. :)

Here are some videos of them:

1  2  3  


  1. This little fellow has a definite personality, Coco. I really like the expression he seems to give — he looks really curious about who’s looking at him! Sorry, little harvest mouse — I didn’t mean to disturb you!

  2. I love your drawing of the harvest mouse! Very interesting information, too!!

  3. lovely drawing and description, dear niece! you’ve got real talent, sweetie!

  4. What a cute little guy! Thanks for posting, Coco.

  5. Haha!! Thanks every body!
    Im going to have another post up soon!
    Thank you Diana I do try very hard and I put lots of time into it!
    Daddy, you didn’t disturb him you just made him more curious!:D

  6. And they are super cute!

  7. Devo, They sure are!

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