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Greater Glider (Petauroides volans)

Posted on Jun 5, 2010 by in Marsupials, Operations | 7 comments

Petauroides volans

Number 0300

Here’s our 300th mammal! That’s right, in almost exactly three years of drawing mammals, I have less than a year’s worth of drawings to show for it. We could celebrate this milestone or rue its inadequacy: your choice.

By request, here’s the greater glider! This adorable marsupial, which surely has the world’s cutest ears, lives in the eucalyptus forests of Australia. Up in the treetops, it glides by using the membrane that stretches from its elbow to its wrist as a sail. When it gets cold, it uses that same membrane as a built-in blanket. Coco drew one, too.

Greater glider by Coco, age 11


  1. Great Glider, Coco!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    We’re enjoying visit from Sarah & Tom. They’re in Santa Fe at wedding, indoors, I hope. 104 degrees here.

  2. Happy 300th! That’s awesome!

    And your greater glider is terrific, too! So is Coco’s — in fact, I couldn’t choose which is the greater greater glider!

  3. Hi Kate and Ted! Thank you! I hope that wedding is indoors, too, but at least it’s probably not as hot in Santa Fe! Poor Theo (and Coach Ted) had a baseball double-header today.

  4. What a cute mammal. And great drawings. I am glad to see one from you, Coco.

  5. You did it! Thanks for honoring my request.

    • I’m glad you turned up because I lost your e-mail and couldn’t tell you I drew the greater glider! I hope you like it.

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