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Extra mammal: Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia)

Posted on Feb 10, 2008 by in Primates | 5 comments

Leontopithecus rosalia


During the 24-Hour Mammalthon in December, or rather after it when I was catching up on my orders, I drew a golden lion tamarin for a boy named Tynan. Rebecca saw that drawing and loved it, and once I opened the Daily Mammal Original Art Shop, Rebecca requested a golden lion tamarin of her own! (You can request a mammal of your own, too.)
Since Rebecca really liked the original golden lion tamarin I did, I wanted the new one to be fairly similar to it, but I also didn’t want to just copy it outright, thinking that would make it stiff, without the life and energy I want my drawings to have. So I started from the beginning, gathering images and doing sketches and everything like I would with a brand-new mammal, but keeping in mind what I remembered about the other drawing.

They turned out to be somewhat alike, but not entirely. One thing that’s sort of amazed me during this nascent 14-year-long project is how much my drawing has evolved since I started last summer. Drawing every single day (almost) really has an incredible effect that I couldn’t have predicted. Without my consciously changing anything, my drawing style has changed, and you can see it in this new tamarin.

So although it’s not exactly the same, I hope you like this golden lion tamarin as much as you did the other one, Rebecca!


  1. I really liked your first tamarin, but this one’s much better! There’s just a more confident feel to the line work and the shading. You really have come far since you started this project, Jennifer. One can only wonder what your final mammal drawing will look like, 14 years from now!

  2. I would have to agree with Ted. This second tamarin is really good.

  3. I do love it! I just received it in the mail today and was so thrilled to see it! (I don’t usually use this many exclamation points, but I can’t seem to translate my wide smile online.) Thanks, thanks, thanks so much for my great new artwork!!!!!

  4. There is no way that you drew these.

    Simply stunning. I am a fan.

  5. Thanks, Ted and Fishing Guy! I still really like both tamarins, actually. The newer one is much more refined of course, but I like the energy of the first one, too.

    Rebecca, I’m so glad you like your drawing! That’s great to hear!

    Batman, I’m a fan of yours, too. (Although I’m partial to Wonder Woman and the Flash, you are part of the DC Universe, too, so…) Thanks for the kind words!

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