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Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus imperator)

Posted on Jul 10, 2009 by in Primates | 2 comments

Saguinus imperator

Number 0272

I have two things I’d like to share with you about the emperor tamarin (also known as the emperor marmoset). First, according to Mammals—Their Latin Names Explained by A.F. Gotch,

“A taxidermist, so the story goes, had never seen a live tamarin and twisted the white ‘moustache’ upwards to look like the Emperor of Germany, instead of letting it droop in the natural position. It thus acquired the name Emperor Tamarin as a joke, but the name stuck, and the Latin name became established as Saguinus imperator.”

Second, check out this clip from a BBC series called Clever Monkeys, in which we learn about the mother emperor tamarin’s cunning use of mannies, and then have a good weekend:


  1. amazing. thanks Jenn Jenn Jenny!

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