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Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

Posted on Jul 3, 2007 by in Rodents | 2 comments

Sciurus carolinensis
Number 0030

Maggie asked for a gray squirrel doing yoga, so here’s a fellow practicing his balasana! And it’s another tree sleeper, sort of a companion piece to the red panda from a couple of weeks ago. (That red panda is my favorite of my drawings so far.)

The eastern gray squirrel is an animal I don’t see much now that I’ve moved back to New Mexico. While his name indicates that he’s from the Carolinas, he’s actually widespread throughout eastern North America. The Sciurus part of squirrels’ Latin names comes from the Greek words skia, or shade, and oura, which means tail: squirrels are shade-tails, like this one here.


  1. I often see squirrels in savasana on the side of the road.

  2. That’s sad! Unless they’re in VERY deep meditation.

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