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Coffee Achievers Days: Reeves’s Muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi)

Posted on Mar 15, 2009 by in Theme Weeks, Ungulates | 1 comment


Muntiacus reevesi
Number 0243

“Yesterday” (ahem…), we met the common palm civet, from whose droppings we get kopi luwak, coffee made from the seeds that pass through the civets’ digestive systems when they eat coffee berries. Whether this really creates some kind of gourmet delicacy or it’s actually a crazy scam to get people to spend lots of money on something they don’t need, we don’t know. Either way, people do seem to market and drink the stuff.

So how about we celebrate a couple other Coffee Achievers? (Boy, the ad linked there really makes me want to drink some coffee so I can be more like David Bowie and Heart. But I learned today that I’m especially susceptible to celebrity endorsements: shopping for eyeshadow, I rejected a set of exactly the colors I wanted because they had Andie MacDowell’s signature on them and almost bought completely wrong colors because Aishwarya Rai had endorsed them. Anyway…)

Muntjacs are also known as barking deer because of the strange vocalizations they make. (You can hear one barking here.) Native to Taiwan and China, the Reeves’s muntjac is also easily found in parts of England, as well, where it was introduced. And coffee beans that have passed through the muntjac’s system and been pooped out can be yours, supposedly, for exorbitant prices. I can’t find any for you to buy online, though. Maybe it was a hoax; maybe it’s just a weird fad that has worn out its appeal. But don’t worry: I’ll have one more Coffee Achiever for you “tomorrow”!

1 Comment

  1. Another great drawing, Jennifer! Nice job!

    Nice also is your write-up. Yeah, I don’t know about this whole pre-digested coffee thing. If it is just a promotional stunt, as I also suspect, maybe other coffee sellers could counter by promoting their coffee beans as certified “un-digested” or “poop-free.” It’s all about the marketing.

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