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Chinese Ferret Badger (Melogale moschata)

Posted on Aug 11, 2008 by in Carnivores | 1 comment

Melogale moschata
Number 0196

The smallest member of the badger family, the Chinese ferret badger lives not only in China but in Assam, in northeastern India, as well. They live in burrows and come out in the evenings, going about their business into the night. The Chinese ferret badger occasionally eats fruit, but it especially loves small rodents, amphibians, and insects and other invertebrates. In some cultures, Chinese ferret badgers are welcomed into the home and encouraged to feast on any cockroaches they might find. This is a nice service to provide, but they may not be the most pleasant of house guests: like most other members of the mustelid clan, Chinese ferret badgers emit an offensive odor from their anal glands when provoked.

Consecutive days of mammals: 2
Record: 16

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  1. these last two drawings are very nice, especially when viewed in the larger version!!

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