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Chacoan Peccary (Catagonus wagneri)

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 by in Ungulates | 2 comments

Catagonus wagneri

Number 0302

This peccary species lives in the Gran Chaco of South America, a region that overlaps Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It lives in the driest, hottest parts of the area, and its main food is cacti. The Chacoan peccary is endangered, mainly because of hunting but also because of habitat destruction. Oddly, this peccary was first described by scientists in the 1930s based on fossil evidence and was thought to be extinct (by scientists, not by people who lived in the Gran Chaco and saw the peccary all the time) until 1975.

Below, see Coco’s cute Chacoan peccary and the prelimary sketch I did for mine.

Chacoan peccary by Coco, age 11


Chacoan peccary sketch


  1. Coco, I love your peccary, espec. the mohawk going down the back!

    There are a lot of peccaries, javelinas, in Tucson near, or in the saguaro national monument on the east side..

  2. Kate, Coco is playing Rock Band right now, but I’ll tell her you like her peccary! I have never seen one in real life, but I would like to. From some distance, anyway.

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