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Bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus)

Posted on Mar 3, 2012 by in Marine Mammals | 4 comments

Erignathus barbatus

By Coco

Hi everyone, these are some facts about Bearded seals:

-Bearded seals are greyish white with some brown.

-If they are stuck under ice they will ram their head into the ice to make breathing holes.

-Bearded seals lay on the edge of the ice looking downward into water so they can get away from a predator if one approaches.

-Bearded seals are obviously named after their long whiskers that form a beard!:D But what are those long sensitive whiskers used for? They are used for finding food at the bottom of the ocean floor!

-The female Bearded seal is bigger than the male.

-A week after the Bearded seal pups are born they can dive to a depth of 200 feet!

– How are they recognized? Well thats a easy one right?? Their WHISKERS! But that’s not all! They are also easily recognized for their huge body!!

-What do they eat? They eat shrimp, crab, clam, and fish. That makes sense! They do live in the ocean!!:D

-They are 6.5-7 feet.

-They can weigh up to 700 pounds! But they usually only weigh 400-500 pounds. Still that’s a lot!

-They live up to 31 years! Imagine having one of them for a pet!:D

There is this show that my family and I watch. It’s ┬ácalled Whisker Wars. People compete trying to have the best beard or mustache. And I am pretty sure that the bearded seals would win!!:D

Here is a link to a site. In the beginning it makes the sound that a Bearded seal makes. Please watch if you want to.


  1. Very nice Coco!! Great drawing and an amusing and informative write-up!

  2. Thank you Gramps!!

  3. Coco, that’s a great post! Your drawing is wonderful, and your write-up is very informative and friendly! Thanks so much for the low-down on the bearded seal!

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