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Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus)

Posted on Jul 24, 2007 by in Ungulates | 5 comments

Sus barbatus

Number 0052

This fellow lives in Sumatra and Malaysia. Although he’s called a bearded pig, he’s actually a mustachioed pig. Enhancing the cut of his jib is the fact that he’s the slenderest of all the pigs. He wears it well, doesn’t he? Ted thinks he should wear a monocle, while I picture him in a top hat.


  1. Okay, okay… how about top hat AND monocle?

  2. That would be inappropriate.

  3. I think if the hat and monocle frame were white, it would be perfectly fine to don both, given it’s before Labor Day, of course.

  4. Yes! And spats would complete the ensemble.

  5. they are very pretty these pigs but they can be extreamly dangerous!

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