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Back Orders: Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus)

Posted on Jan 19, 2008 by in Carnivores, Marine Mammals | 6 comments

Eumetopias jubatus

Number 0107

My father-in-law, Steve, requested a sea lion, and I selected the Steller for him. These big sea lions (males get to about 11 feet long and weigh around 2,500 pounds) live in the northern Pacific Rim from Japan up and around to Alaska and down to northern California. They are divided into two populations, western and eastern, with the eastern stock comprising, basically, those in Canada and the lower 48 (well, lower 3 in this case) and the western living in Alaska and Asia.

The western stock of Steller sea lions declined quite dramatically—by 75 percent—between 1975 and 1990, and nobody knows exactly why. In fact, the western sea lions are still diminishing in number. Theories include disease, climate change, and the decline of the fish that they eat due to industrial fishing. Under the federal Endangered Species Act, the western stock is listed as endangered and the eastern as threatened. (The endangered status indicates that a species is in imminent danger of becoming extinct; threatened means that the species is on track to become endangered in the future.)

Steller sea lions on NOAA’s website


  1. I really enjoy your sight. The highlight colors are great on the mammals. I added a link on my sight because I want to visit every day.

  2. What a cool idea for a blog! You are a very talented artist- I like your use of color.

  3. Found your blog while browsing blogspot! What fun- great drawings. The animal diversity website is so great and was started by my brother at UM. I love huevos ranchers, went to UNM, and Almost Famous is my favorite movie! Love your drawings- very energetic and your color is joyful. my blog is
    happy trails

  4. Beautiful work. I especially loved the Sloth. They are one of my favorite mammals. You captured the face perfectly.
    Take care

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. It means a lot to me! Tory, I love sloths, too. They’re just amazing. Liza, we have some things in common! And tell your brother I love the Animal Diversity Web!

  6. Very Nice Steller Sea Lion!

    I get to see them every day here in Kodiak, and you captured their essence. I’m not sure about the rainbow coloring, though… kind of looks like he just emerged from swimming through an oil slick — something we don’t like to think about in these parts.

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