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Back Orders: Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia)

Posted on Jan 17, 2008 by in Mammalthons, Primates | 21 comments

Leontopithecus rosalia

Number 0105

Tynan requested a golden lion tamarin, which is a small monkey that lives in the rain forest in eastern Brazil. It’s extremely endangered—only 1,000–1,500 survive in the wild—mainly because of industrialization and cultivation of its forest habitat. Golden lion tamarins are omnivorous, eating insects, lizards, and fruit. I wonder why they’re so beautifully tangerine-colored.

Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program (National Zoo)
Golden Lion Tamarin skulls from Digimorph


  1. its is really sad that because for industrialization humans are destroying the nature and creating danger for other species.

  2. Hi Jennifer

    I have a creative website too.
    Don’t you think it would be great to encourage as many as possible to use creativity to bring awareness to our ecological responsibility?

    John Bailie

  3. Hi Jennifer, I love your blog! You’ve done some beautiful drawings. I look forward to the day you draw the Przewalski’s horse :p and the next 24 hour mammalthon!

  4. i love your blog!… i’m an artist and animal lover too… keep up the good work! I’m your new fan

    -paul brett

  5. Wow, beautiful drawing!

  6. Great drawings!

  7. New animals are discovered all the time but due to the rate of habitat destruction there will be nothing left.
    Like Golden frogs of South America and Yangze Dolphins. Few people have heard about them now they are extinct. Next on the line are Cod, Tuna and Polar bears.

    Great drawings by the way. I trying to force myself to draw at least two drawings at once. They take so long to do and plus I have other things to do. It’s great you can manage a drawing a day. There a similar blogs out there who post a image a day.

  8. thanks for the good job! it is great here! please don’t forget to check our new site **Help Save Lives in Africa** when you get time and leave us with your comment! thanks

  9. I like your colorful, artistic style.

  10. Wow, all the pictures are amazing, but this one grabs my attetion the most!It reminds me of the tamarin in The Golden Compass.You have a special talent!Good luck on your drawing of all mammals!

  11. Big fan off your blog, great art, will definitely check back in.


  12. Your use of colour forces me to look at all of these animals as if seeing them for the first time. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for all your great feedback, everyone! And thanks for visiting my site!

    Redrose: I love Przewalski’s horse, too! Some of my favorites I’m putting off drawing so I won’t draw them all in the first couple of years and then be stick with a bunch of rodents I’ve never heard of.

    Ish…banana: I haven’t seen the Golden Compass movie, and it was years ago that I read the book, so I don’t remember the tamarin. I assume it was someone’s daemon? That would be a good daemon to have.

    Editor: Wow, thank you SO MUCH for that!

  14. All your drawings are so beautiful! I love the vibrant color on this one.

  15. Really nice!

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