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Back Orders: Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda)

Posted on Dec 31, 2007 by in Carnivores, Mammalthons | 3 comments

Vulpes zerda
This fennec fox is for Kelsey, who used to be an absurdly adorable and entertaining young boy, but is now unaccountably a suave and self-possessed teenager. The fennec is his favorite animal at the zoo. I drew one a while back, but I never did like my drawing, so I’m glad I got the chance to redo it.


  1. Nice work Jennifer. You have been an inspiration to me ever since you showed up on DRAWN! I’ve started an animal-a-day type blog, yet not with such an outstanding long-term goal. Keep pushing the pencils!

  2. Hey, thanks, JB! That’s so nice. Your drawings are nice, too. I haven’t used a Wacom tablet yet, but I’m eager to. You keep going, too!

  3. Your drawings are soooooo cool!
    Fennec foxs Rule!

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