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Back Orders: Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus)

Posted on Jan 17, 2008 by in Carnivores, Mammalthons | 13 comments

Vulpes lagopus

Number 0106

The Arctic fox is Nicola’s favorite mammal, so this one is for her. My own favorite thing about the Arctic fox is that it is Iceland’s only native land mammal; all the other terrestrial mammals there were brought by humans.

Arctic foxes’ coats are generally white in the winter and a lovely gray or gray-and-white in the summer, although this also seems to vary geographically. They like to eat lemmings, fish, birds, and eggs, and sometimes they follow polar bears around to get at their leftovers.


  1. Jennifer, this is simply amazing. Your artwork is lovely and this is a daunting expedition you are on. I will check in again.


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I love mammals and I love your artwork. Will check back to view your beautiful art. Congratulations on being chosen as a blog of note by google!

  3. Your blog is so innovative…

  4. Jennifer,

    Go for it! I’m tuning my kids onto your blog. My son is an animal fan and an artist. I know he will love your pics and you goal.

  5. Nice pic.

  6. Your drawings are amazing and Im gonna check back everyday to see you on your way to 4,000. When your done drawing mammals are you just gonna stop your blog or you gonna move onto something else?

  7. The artic fox is a free loader!

    You’re art work is great, I wouldn’t mind even half of your artistic ability (since I’m barely passing my art class). I saw your blog on my dashboard thing (I’m new to this site) and it seemed by far the most interesting, I mean at least it’s not a 3 page blag about your cat.

    btw I wonder when you are going to put a human up here?

  8. wow, nice animal

  9. I love animals and your artwork, truly brilliant. To sell your work at all?

  10. Thanks so much, everyone! Thank you for visiting and for the wonderful comments.

    Jess: I love when kids visit my blog (although I’m not sure whether your kids are actually kids still)! I hope your son likes it.

    Ape: Well, ask me again in 14 years or so! Maybe I’ll do birds next, if I’m not completely sick of the whole thing.

    Kevdog: I already did a human, and a specific one: my niece Raecheleia. Search for human up top and you can see her.

    The Gizmole!: I’ve just set up a shop to sell my original art. I’m selling some existing drawings as well as custom requests.

  11. This is definately my favorite new blog. Your art is definitely beautiful and touching. To take on such a massive project speaks volumes of your character and work ethics. Not many people can say that they have taken on a 14 year project. I look forward to riding along on this journey with you and purchasing one or more of your beautiful works. Please let me know when you do the Snow Leopard, it has great symbolic meaning to me.

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