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24 Hours: White Tent Bat (Ectophylla alba)

Posted on Dec 22, 2007 by in Bats, Mammalthons | 2 comments

Ectophylla alba

Number 0082

I have to thank Elliot for introducing me to tent bats. I had never heard of them before. This particular tent-making bat species is also known as the Honduran white bat. It lives in Central America and is very small. Tent bats bite the ribs of big leaves to turn them into tents. Then they cuddle up under them to roost during the day. The leaves also provide a sort of camouflage for the white tent bats because the light coming through the leaves makes their white fur seem greenish, and they’re harder to see.


  1. Thanks soooo much!

    One question what are these bats thinking?

    By the way, you did a great job!


  2. Hi Elliot! What do you think they’re thinking? I think they’re thinking that they want to go to sleep under their leaf tent! But they have a really good night so they’re too excited to go to sleep.

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